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When my husband and I moved into our first home, we were among the first few units in the newly developed condominium, and barely knew anyone. Hence, we started a closed Facebook community group to get to know our neighbors. Note: It's a closed group for residents only, no outsiders are permitted in the group. I'd like to stress that this is important, so that the group will be very personal, without unnecessary disturbance from advertisers, property agents and so forth.

The group started from a handful to now having over 300 members. We frequently share our views on how to improve the community space (eg, feedback on condominium facilities), exchange information to help each other out (eg, car lights left switched on in parking lot), recommendations for daily services (eg, cleaners and handyman contacts), etc. Though we may not know each other on a personal level, there is a great sense of community in our premise which makes me feel proud of myself starting the group.

I'd definitely recommend initiating a new Community Forum/Social Group for your neighborhood (if there isn't one) or join one.
Barbara Loh